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About Santander, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Santander, Cantabria, Spain)

Santander is the capital of the autonomous community of Cantabria. The city boasts many fascinating attractions.

The public transport system is very efficient and reliable, making it possible to get around the city easily. This charming and vibrant city extends over a wide bay with panoramic views of the Cantabrian Sea.

What to do in Santander

Sights in the city centre include the Jardines de Perada, which is a prosaic cathedral with a Gothic crypt. The Municipal Fine Arts Museum has several Goya's on display while the Menendez Pelayo Museum boasts numerous rare works written by Catalan and Spanish authors. The El Sardinero and Magdalena beaches can be found nearby as they stretch out near the city centre. Playa de Castaneda and Playa de la Concha are two other sandy beaches, which can be found near the city. They are a popular destination for Spanish families and can be crowded during public holidays. Green headland separates the two beaches. A mini train named El Magdaleno runs around the beautiful hilly gardens past a polo pitch and a sea-lion zoo. The Dunas Liencres Natural Park is situated just a short distance away from Santander.

Santander's markets and restaurants offer excellent fresh food, including fresh water fish, seafood, and various kinds of meat. There are also many excellent tapas bars scattered throughout the city.

Tourist Attractions

Santander has plenty to offer tourists and boasts several excellent museums. These include: the Natural History Museum and the Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum is well designed and overlooks the water. The Iglesia Cathedral dates back to the 8th century. It served as an abbey during the 8th century and during the 13th century it served as a collegiate church. The impressive cathedral has three polygonal chapels and a beautiful decorated dome. The Jardines de Perada is an impressive cathedral with a Gothic crypt situated downtown Santander. The Playa El Sardinero, Playa Magdalena, Playa de Castaneda and Playa de la Concha are the popular beaches offering relaxation and a number of water sports, while a beautiful building dating from 1916 houses the casino, attracting those who love some excitement and wish to try their luck.

The area surrounding Santander boasts several fascinating attractions as well. The Camino de Santiago en Santander is a historic walking area and a religious site. Nearby Santillana del Mar boasts the region's star attraction. The prehistoric cave paintings of Altamira can be found here, however you cannot reach the site without written permission. The town of Santillana is a picturesque and interesting medieval place.

Santander Port

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